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Winter storm

It was one early Friday evening, The intermittent showers of hail later turned to snow bathed the town with the ethereal light. We decided to drive up the mountain not seeing a single soul, to exhaust ourselves playing in the fresh powdered snow. clouds are now darker and heavier threatening with a rather harder storm. We finally called it a day and drove back down to our rented tiny cabin, the roads were powdered white and slippery we were greeted by the occasional worker headed home in their snow plow after a day's toil.

It was pitch black and freezing when we got back to the cabin, Karl started the fire and we grazed on our leftover chinese food. As the snow fell on the roof, the fire flickered lazily and the kids started to drift, I uncorked a bottle of wine for Karl and I to enjoy whilst watching a good old film and somehow we realized that after all, winter storm on a Friday night wasn't really too bad.


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