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Mike + Rhea ( San Francisco engagement)

We started our day in one of the busiest but oh-so stunning places in San Francisco called the Palace of Fine Arts. We made our way through the throng of tourists and locals enjoying the warm spring weather. We managed to snapped a few frames before we decided to move on to the Sutro Baths, a few miles drive in the city. This time the sun was so bright and peeking behind the dense sequioa giants, the salty wind blew the leaves and made it sway like they were playing along with Mike and Rhea as they laughed and melted through my lens. As we made our way down to the ocean, the world was just golden and the sun glared beautifully at the water and gave us the most amazing backdrop. This couple was just rad and game for whatever I asked them to do. They certainly made my job fairly easy.


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