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Mum's 60th

It was a glorious late spring afternoon when we had a very intimate dinner with the nearest and dearest for mommy's 60th birthday. With my manic schedule, I made sure I found time to spend in the kitchen and prepared some of our favorite dishes, thinking that I will serve "non-diet food" for the guest I decided to include cioppino and garlic bread for starters and beouf en daube over mashed potatoes with some baby carrots on the side for the main dish and paired with my absolute fave Bordeaux , we also enjoyed banana fritters and Gunther's mango ice cream for dessert. We lounged at the backyard clocking the sunset while sipping chilled sangria and munching some of the finest cheeses like Fontina, Havarti and double Gloucester with onion and chives until the cold and aggressive wind drove us inside where we festively continued to eat, drink and chat until almost midnight.

Mom was very delighted to have celebrated this day with family and friends. Thank you all for making time to be with her.


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